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Privacy Notice

Barton Wheelers Cycling Club (BWCC) takes your right to privacy very seriously. As members you will benefit from all that being part of a club brings you. We hold limited information on our membership for the purpose of running the club.

What Information Do We Hold? 

The club holds your personal information, which you provide at the time of joining the club. The information you provided us with consists of the following: 

First Name 
Last Name 
Postal Address 
Email Address  
Telephone Number / Mobile Number

Where is the data held and who has access? 

This data is held in a password protected, encrypted file on the club’s cloud storage area (which is GDPR compliant). It is only accessible by the following people: 

Membership Secretary (who also maintains the record) 
Club Secretary 
Racing Secretaries 

What is your information used for? 

Your information is only used for club matters. This includes maintaining the membership records and subscriptions; managing club groups such as the Facebook Members Group, BWCC Strava and Whatsapp group; Checking that membership is up-to-date when race results are submitted. Your email address is only used by the club Secretary to send club related emails and the Membership Secretary to send subscription reminders. These emails sometimes contain details of third party events which directly relate to the club, but at no time are your addresses passed on to a third party. 

As a club member your information may be shared on the club website, social media pages or in emails sent by the club. This data will only be shared in the event that either you are a club volunteer, have participated in a race or challenge event or have recorded a major achievement. This data will be limited to your name, race results (if applicable) and details of your achievement. Limited further information about you may be included; for example, whether you have participated in a juniors’ race or a women’s race.

Who can I contact if I have a question? 

The Secretary (as listed on the website) should be contacted on any matter relating to GDPR and the club’s procedures. This can be done via the main club email:

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