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Why join Barton Wheelers?

Sometimes cycling on your own is great, but a lot of the time being part of a cycling club is the best way to go riding. The accumulated years of know-how and expertise within any given cycling club can be huge advantage. 

Discover new routes, especially if you are new to the area or looking for new places to ride. 

To make new friends, cycling is a great excuse for socialising as we've all got one common interest - the love of cycling.

It can allow you to train better, feel more motivated to train and ride your bike. Everyone needs a boost from a club member every now and then, that what we are here to do.

There's also the option to get into club racing or have a try at our time trial events. They aren't for everyone, we understand that but they are worth giving them a try as they can help make your longer rides much more enjoyable - and if you are looking to get fitter on the bike, they are a great way to build this.

And finally, we all love tea, cake and a beer!!

Membership runs from 1st of January to 31st December.

Choose Your Membership

A rider may only be a First Claim (full) member of one club and must enter Open and Semi-open events in the name of that club only.


A rider may also join another club as a second claim member. In the case of Barton Wheelers this allows the rider to enter our club events at a discounted fee which may prove to be cheaper over the course of a full season, but you will not qualify for any Club Competitions.

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