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Additional Measures to allow Time Trials to take place

All social distancing rules in force must be strictly adhered to at all times. This

is especially important when signing on and lining up to start.

Payment will be by contactless payment method on the night only.

No contactless payment – no ride.

When signing on and making payment, riders are asked to wear face coverings.

Riders will not be required to sign the signing on sheet which will be completed

by the Signing on Officer who will also take the contactless payment.

Riders should endeavor to only touch their allocated number.

Riders will not be permitted to leave items of clothing with the timekeepers or

any club officials.

There will be no pushers off, so ALL riders must start with a foot on the


Riders are reminded of the requirement for a working rear light. Due to COVID

measures we will not be able to loan a light, so NO LIGHT – NO RIDE.

All riders must shout their number as they cross the finish line. Failure to do so

will result in no time being issued and as a consequence no points awarded

towards club competitions.

All riders must continue back to the start area immediately after finishing –

there must be no going back to the timekeeper to ask for times.

Numbers must be left in the designated place after the event.

The results sheet will not be passed around at the end of the event. Instead, a

WhatsApp group chat will be set up and a photo of the results issued. As such

riders are encouraged to leave as soon as practical.

These measures have had to be taken to allow the time trials to take place and

be in compliance with both the National/Local and CTT requirements, so it is

hoped that all riders will respect and adhere to them.

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