3 thoughts on “Club Kit

  1. Ian Miller

    Hi there. I am looking to join the Barton Wheelers after a long absence and will complete an application form this week. One thing I wondered about was the availability of a skinsuit? I hope to race in some longer Open events and cannot for the life of me find mine after a house move. A club skinsuit would be ideal.

    Looking forward to meeting club members and helping out where I can.

    Regards, Ian Miller.

    1. Jim Taylor

      Hi Ian,

      Good to hear from you again. We don’t hold a stock of kit and are in the process of setting up with a new supplier. I will get in tough with our kit lady to see what stage we are at.

      Hope to see you soon, Jim

      1. Ian Miller

        Thanks ever so much Jim. I’ll bring a membership form along one night.

        Cheers Ian.


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