100 Miles – Time Limit 8 Hours

Start in Barton-on-Humber Market Place. Proceed on A1077 through South Ferriby and turn right at T-junction to Winteringham. Turn left at the crossroads in the village and then take the right fork to rejoin the A1077 at the T-junction. Take the next two right turns to pass through West Halton. Continue towards Whitton taking the left turn before the village to head for Alkborough and on to Burton Stather. Turn right into Burton and leave on the Flixborough road. At Flixborough descend to the bank of the river Trent and follow the road through Gunness, Burringham, East Butterwick, Susworth, East Ferry to turn left at Wildsworth. On reaching Laughton turn right to join the A159 and then left onto the B1205 towards Kirton Lindsey. Enter Kirton on B1206 and follow this road across the A15 to the mini island at Redbourne. Turn right to Waddingham and then left to pass through Brandy Wharfe, South Kelsey, Moortown, Nettleton and Caistor Market Place to join the A1173 at Caistor Top. Turn left to follow the A1173 to the first T-junction. Continue along the A1173 to turn left at the next crossroads, then straight on to Limber. Turn left to Grasby and descend the hill and turn right onto the Caistor – North Kelsey road. Join the B1434 to Howsham turn left to Cadney and Brigg. On entering Brigg turn right to the Monument Traffic Island to join A18. Follow the A18 through Wrawby and Melton Ross to join the B1210 to pass through Brocklesby Park. Turn left at the crossroads to Ulceby (B1211) then right onto A1077 and continue through Wootton, Thornton Curtis and Barrow to finish in Barton Market Place.

Meet in Barton Market place 15 minutes before the start time

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