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The remainder of our time trial programme has been abandoned due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

While some clubs may be able to comply with the latest CTT risk assessment, we feel that we cannot while ensuring that we protect our group of timekeepers and other helpers who are all in the vulnerable age group.

Hopefully, we will be able to get back to our full list of events next year but, as soon as circumstances permit, we will organise some form of cycling activities during the Autumn and Winter seasons.


Course Index (Details)



BA5/2 B1206 – Elsham Top – Burnham
C10/7 B1206 – Elsham Top – Wootton – B1206
BA10/2 (Deepdale) Deepdale – B1206 – Barton Vale —-Circuit
BA14/1 B1206 – Wootton – Burnham – Wootton – B1206
BA25/2 B1206 – Elsham Top – Wootton – B1206 – A15 (Bonby Lodge – Barton loop)
Saxby Hills Saxby Hill & Danns Hill to Middlegate
40 mile route
100 Km route
100 mile route

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