Saturday Club Rides

Weekly Saturday Club Ride


Meet: Every Saturday 8:30am


Meet at Barton Market Place, the route, pace and distance depends on the people who turn up. Road bikes advised and helmets are compulsory, you may want to consider carrying a spare innertube, pump and tyre levers. Please don’t expect other to provide this for you!!!


Depending on the riders who turn up, the group may split into two groups to accommodate all paces, but the routes will all aim to meet at a Cafe before heading back to Barton.


Example rides:  20 mile Wootton loop finishing at a Café in Barton or  30/40-mile Ride: Leave Barton head towards Wootton, Melton Ross, then Howsham, stop at Claytons Café then head back to Barton via Brigg.


Please note: If you are not familiar riding in a group then don’t worry, people will be happy to advise and give you pointers.


Why should I come on a club run?

It’s the best way to progress your cycling. You’ll learn how to ride safely and efficiently in a group and it’s far easier to head out for a winter training ride knowing you’ll be with a group rather than on your own.


What level of fitness is required?

You’ll need a reasonable level of fitness but you definitely don’t need to be a super fit racer. If you can ride your bike for 15-20 miles, you’ll be able to ride 30 and join a club run.


Do I have to be a member?

The aim of these rides is to encourage new riders to become members, all we ask is on your second ride you become a member and help to encourage others to join.


Our Weekly Ride Mission Statement

  • To deliver a safe and enjoyable group ride that suits varying abilities
  • Each group will go at the speed of the slowest rider, regrouping if necessary
  • These are social rides not training rides, If you want more from the ride you can always add miles before or after the social ride


How to keep up to date?

Please follow @bartonwheelers on Twitter for news and group ride info. Facebook is another channel of communication, please join our Facebook Page

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